Plumbing, routing and communications for Distributed, Asynchronous, Event Driven, Services

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If you have code that you want to easily scale, communicate with other services or provide access to consumers, or:

  • You’d like to scale a service horizontally, many times over at an unknown scale.

  • Your service needs to communicate with other services

  • Implement event driven processes and flows

  • A need for websocket endpoints that integrate seamlessly to backend services and events

  • A proxy for REST Consumers to interact with asynchronous services

  • A growing team of Ml-Ops and Datascience engineers who’d like to deploy their models as services

  • Require service gateway that bridges cloud VPNs and on-premise networks

  • Wrap an existing or legacy service to benefit from any of the above

If any of these are of interest to you, NuroPb is worth considering.

Diagram of an example NuroPb enabled Application or Domain Service

NuroPb is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0, this web site including all documentation is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.